The Orenda Tribe

  • Entrepreneurs for Social Change

    Entrepreneurs for Social Change is a program that helps young social entrepreneurs become drivers of change and I am proud to say that I was picked to participate with The Orenda Tribe idea this year.
  • Meet Young Social Entrepreneur Zain Abu Irshaid

    One of the main goals of The Orenda Tribe is to inspire the youth to stand for a cause and stand by others in need and when I see young people from the upcoming generation create initiatives that empower others I see hope and Zain Abu Irshaid is one example of these young inspiring people.

    Let us get to know more about Zain and her social project.

  • The Origin of the T-Shirt

    While going through The Orenda Tribe's T-shirt inventory the other day I paused and wondered "What is the origin of the T-shirt?" then I thought to myself that this is information that I should probably know especially when I am running my own T-shirt company.

    So I did some research and following is the juice of what I found out.

    Sometime in the 19th century, people who made undergarments began experimenting ...