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Art for Hope

Art Education Therapy Children T-Shirt Gift

ORENDA [oh-ren-duh]. (noun) a mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world, or to effect change in their own lives.

We all have this mystical force within us and at The Orenda Tribe we are on a mission of exploring our own ORENDA while inspiring the children and the people of our partner communities to find theirs.


Using the tool of ART.

We believe in the power of art  and art education in making positive impact.

We tailor art workshops that are educational, empowering and teach children skills like communications and team work.

Also, as part of our giving back to the community we dedicate part of our profit to fund art education workshops in area where art is neglected such as refugee camps and orphanages. Check out the What We Give section to learn more.

Art Education Therapy Children T-Shirt Gift

Our approach is inclusive of the people of the communities hence they end up contributing to their own community and positively impacting their surroundings. An act of empowerment.

 Art Education Therapy Children T-Shirt Gift

Through art, we communicate inspiring messages to the children and involve them in art activities that empower them and build life-skills such as team work and problem solving.


Art Education Therapy Children T-Shirt Gift

We also beautify the surroundings that children visit on daily basis, hence encourage them to look forward to go to school and study.

And we do all of this while bridging the gap between communities and breaking barriers between people. In all of our projects we have volunteers working hand in hand with the people of the communities, getting to know them on a personal level, regardless of their differences.

And this is the power of art. This is what we stand for at The Orenda Tribe! #ArtForHope

The video below shows one of our school beautification projects and a glimpse of all the points mentioned here above. Enjoy!


Link to our collection: The Orenda Tribe t-shirts


Inspire Hope,

Art Education Therapy Children T-Shirt Gift