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Children's Art Workshops

Amal (which means hope in Arabic) is a girl who used to climb on the top of a mountain to watch her dreams in the stars every night, until one night she saw a boy climbing a rope attached to one of the stars.
Confused by what she saw, Amal asks the boy “Why are you climbing the rope towards the star?” The boy responds “I used to be just like you. Lay on the top of the mountain and watch my dreams every single night, until one day I decided to pursue my dreams.” 
Suddenly, Amal sees ropes hanging from the stars, holds the end of one of the ropes and starts climbing towards a star.
Then we asked the children listening to the story to draw what they thought Amal’s dream was.
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When we combined arts and crafts with story-telling to raise awareness on different issues we saw magic. Children and parents loved the process and we witnessed art promote several life-skills in children like creativity, confidence, problem-solving and team-work.
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The Orenda Tribe tailors and runs purposeful arts and crafts workshops in different events and venues such as children’s birthdays, summer school programs and we can tailor workshops based on our client’s desired theme.

For more info or to tailor your own art workshop you can email or call +962795009500.

Below you can see some examples of workshops that we did in the past.

For The Love Of The Sea

A jelly fish, a turtle, a crab and a fish are living peacefully in the sea until the evil plastic bottle ruins the sea life.

This is an arts and crafts workshop that raises the children's awareness on the effect of plastic on sea life through story telling.

Also, the children get to "save" the sea creature of their choosing by recreating it using arts and crafts.

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Global Citizenship

The Orenda Tribe tailored and ran an art workshop for King's Academy (one of the top schools in Jordan) during their summer camp.

The aim of the workshop was to raise awareness on global citizenship and it involved painting on t-shirts. 

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