The Orenda Tribe Store

Pass by The Orenda Tribe to enjoy a variety of arts & crafts activities and to shop from our socially conscious products.
Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm
Opening Days: Monday to Saturday
Location: Dhirar Bin Al Azwar, 57, Weibdeh, Amman, Jordan
Building Name: Manara Arts & Culture
Booking is required for the art activities.
Call 0791200818 for booking.

Art Menu

The Orenda Tribe has an Art Menu with a variety of arts and crafts activities that customers can choose from which is suitable for kids from age 4+ and for adults.

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Art Workshops

We also do different art workshops throughout the month. You can call us at 0791200818 to learn about the available art workshops this month.

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Team Building Activities

Are you and your team members well aware of your company's values? Did you ever discuss the work dynamics within the team?
These are some of the things that The Orenda Tribe focuses on during our team building activities. And we make it fun through arts and crafts!
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