The Orenda Tribe

  • Dialogue

    For me, what was special about the exhibition is the dialogue. Dialogue between the artists from the camp and the attendees, between people from different background and even a dialogue that started a small quarrel and ended up in an even stronger dialogue that shortened the gap between two different mentalities.
  • Meet Ala Borzyszkowska - The Orenda Tribe Artivist

    After coming across our t-shirts and story, Alicja Borzyskowska, connected The Orenda Tribe with her school, King's Academy, in the aim of partnering up to have a bigger impact. A high school student, Alicja, started her own charity, lived in different places across the world and this is only th...
  • What is a Gift?

    The Gift.

    The festive season of gift giving is upon us and brands are spamming us with emails on the spirit of gift giving and how their products make the best gift.

    Gift giving dates back thousands of years as far back as humans can remember.

    In early humans, it has been documented that the more generously a man gave, the more easily he would attract a female (For the men re ....